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As fashion weeks go by we keep our eyes glued to the runway. The looks on the runway fuel the trends for the upcoming season. This year we learned that oversized bags and hats are definitely what’s trending. Prints are also making a huge comeback this upcoming season and you can expect to see them everywhere. Be on the lookout for clothing that fits both of these criteria, oversized and with bold print. You can always trust us to deliver the best fashion news to you.

Everyday Clothing Trends



Prints are trending (and we aren’t just talking about cheetah print). You might think that loud prints are reserved for nighttime looks, but that’s not true. Incorporating prints in to your everyday wardrobe can be easy with polka dots and stripes. Go for pops of color if you’re feeling adventurous.



Occasion wear is for those special moments. These are piece that you wouldn’t wear everyday but when you do wear them, you feel super important. In addition, to the heightened sense of importance while wearing clothes for an occasion, they should be durable pieces that last for a long time.



Trending clothes are what’s cool currently. Although, you may not like all of the trends you can’t deny that the hot people wearing them make them look great.Each year a new trend emerges, and we’re forced to witness but we don’t have to partake.

Our Models

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Men’s Collection

Men are often forgotten in fashion or reminded that the industry doesn’t always think of them. However, we always do. Men’s clothing is perfect for showing that you’ve got great taste and a way to show it off. We keep you up to date on the best clothing for men and tips for how to wear them. Let us be your go to for all things male clothing related.