4 Tips for Matching your Jewelry with your Outfit

4 Tips for Matching your Jewelry with your Outfit

Jewelry works uniquely to enhance your looks, and every time you down yourself with some jewelry, you are easily noticed because you stand out of the crowd. However, the jewelry you wear just like any other accessory needs to match with your outfit to avoid some weird moments or a funny look. In some instances, people put on excess jewelry with the idea in mind being to impress but they end up looking funny. There is a way to match up your look with your regalia to make sure you look sharp and smart. Here are four tips you will find valuable in matching up your look.

1. Mix Warm Jewelry with Cool Colors

Warm jewelry such as rubies and diamond and amber gems go well with black and white clothing to bring out a statement of beauty. Warm handmade turquoise jewelry like gemstones also pair well with blue and purple material to make a look that seems royal.


2. Mix Cool Jewelry with Warm Colors

There is a science behind the matching up of cool jewelry and warm colors. These stylistic jewelry is inspirational and it depicts the look of motivation and hope. Cool jewelry matches up perfectly with everything favorite including blue clothing and purple clothing. Cool jewelry has the advantage of versatility as it can match with most of your dress. It is the best option.

3. White Pearls and Sea-Colored Clothes

Nothing can go wrong with this outfit with jewelry curved from quarry pearls from a rock. Even though there are some people who have come up with an idea to dive into oyster farming that brings a look that simulates pearls, the authentic look cannot be paralleled.

When wearing jewelry that depicts the look of pearls, it is advisable to wear clothing that is either blue, or shades of blue. Alternatively, you can wear clothes that are somewhat bright like white to depict the color of the beach. The aqua and deep blue color work well with gems.

4. Gold, White and Black

It is a classy look when you mix the gold, black and white attire because these colors together make a strong statement. The trick for this is to go for the classic attire options such as a black suit, white shirt, white pocket square, and a gold watch or golden necklace. For the ladies, that little cocktail dress will match perfectly with gold jewelry or onyx gemstones. The other secret is to keep it simple to avoid making the look forced or exaggerated.



The beauty of jewelry is brought out by how you present it on your body and there are times when you wear classy jewelry but end up bad looking. The tips I have highlighted above will prove to be of considerable help in shaping up your appearance and making it wort to wear some pieces of jewelry. However, to mash up your look with your jewelry option, you need to do some more research on the internet on the other options you may have to make the process easier for you and increase the diversity.