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Dress to Impress – 5 Ways to Look Fabulous in 2019

The way you dress can make a huge difference in your confidence levels and the impressions you make on others. If you look fabulous, you feel amazing as well, and the perception other people have of you instantly improves and exceeds all expectations. If you want to dress to impress wherever you go this year, here are some simple tips that will make all the difference:

1. Dress for the occasion

Learning how to dress for the occasion is an essential part of putting together looks that will grab attention and create a positive first impression. If you are going to an interview, for example, you’ll want to come across as professional, smart and assertive, and you can’t do that by wearing a tight dress or a see-through blouse. Instead, you would opt for a smart pantsuit or a classy pencil skirt, in order to look appropriate for the part. If you want to impress people in any aspect of your life, you have to dress accordingly.

2. Add a personal touch

The best way to ensure that your outfit is completely distinctive and undeniably impressive is to invest in quality personalised clothing or accessories that are uniquely you. The customization of clothing will allow you to bring more of your character into your outfit and ensure that every part of it speaks to your individual style. Being able to choose between multiple features and design options, you get the chance to be creative and fully express yourself and your personality.

3. Dare to mix it up

We all have a few pieces of clothing we keep in our closet for special occasions that rarely tend to see the light of day. Instead of letting them collect dust in the closet, utilize these items by wearing them with your everyday looks. Whether it’s a long blazer, a patterned blouse or a pair of striped palazzo pants, add a special item to your casual outfit and it will instantly transform your look from a plain and simple one into a high fashion outfit that is bound to impress. On the days you have less inspiration, a pair of colourful statement shoes are the perfect way to elevate an otherwise plain outfit.

4. Pay attention to detail

Looking impressive isn’t always about choosing the perfect outfit – the jewellery, the shoes and the accessories you choose, and even the fact that your clothes have been freshly pressed in the morning, all play a great role in putting together an eye-catching outfit. When you’re getting ready in the morning, try not to rush. Consider every aspect of your look, resist the temptation to wear items that don’t look their best and always take good care of your clothing. Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and make sure you are completely happy with every detail of your outfit.

5. When in doubt, dress it up

When it comes to planning outfits for events, dress codes can wreak havoc, and smart casual can be particularly tricky. If you’re eager to impress, it’s always a better option to dress up, rather than dress down. You’d rather walk into a room in an amazing outfit and see a few people dressed slightly more casually than show up in a pair of jeans when everyone else is in elegant gowns. And even if there is a relaxed dress code, you can still shine in the spotlight by carefully planning your outfit.

If you want to dress to impress and turn heads wherever you go this year, bear these simple tips in mind and easily enhance your personal style.

Last Minute Tactics for a Flawless Beach Body

If you think you’ll need a miracle to get that flawless physique before hitting the beach, you’ve got another thing coming. With a couple of last minute tricks, you’ll get that gorgeous body bikini-ready in a jiffy. Forget about bloated stomach and flabby buttocks, because with these couple of tips you’ll get the body that will turn heads at the beach for sure.

Cut down on sodium and carbs

Salt is the number one cause of bloating. This is why you should try to cut it down to a minimum. Therefore, avoid all processed foods or anything that contains high amounts of sodium. Instead, opt for fruit, vegetables and healthy food that will provide you with enough energy and keep your immune system strong. Carbs will usually only add up to bloating, but some of them can actually help you diminish it. Brown rice, quinoa, oats and other high-fibre whole grains are the best way to reduce bloating and prepare your body for summer.

Avoid alcohol and sweets

We know that you probably love to indulge in summer cocktails and refreshing sparkling drinks, but those are the safest way to weight gain and bloating. Beer is one of the biggest causes you’ll get a bloated stomach and gain weight rather easily. However, you can make an exception once a week and switch to the the real party mode on Saturday nights, but make sure you don’t do it more than that. It can easily become a bad habit, and your beach body won’t be as bikini-ready as you’d like it to be.


Water is the number one drink for hot summer months. Since you’ll be losing a lot of fluids through sweat, you’ll need to rehydrate your body to keep it fresh and healthy. What’s more, your skin will be flawless, your metabolism will work faster and you’ll burn calories more easily when there are no sugary fluids in your body. Try to drink at least 1l of water each day to improve your health, and make your body beach-ready much faster.

Non-surgical procedure

If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to get a well-sculpted body, but you don’t feel like dieting or giving up your favourite treats, a non-surgical alternative to liposuction can help you out. With the new efficient body contouring  in Sydney, you’ll easily remove fat cells from your body and get that gorgeous figure you’ve wanted for so long. Thanks to the ground-breaking technology, procedures like fat freezing manage to permanently destroy fat cells, leaving you with a gorgeous body without any surgical procedures.

Work out

A balanced diet and cosmetic surgery will offer you better physique, but without regular workout, none of it will be enough. Train your upper body with a caterpillar walk and your core with rotational mountain climber exercise. An alternating bug exercise can also tighten your core, while curtsy lunges will do wonders for your lower body. If you don’t like to work out on your own, going to the gym and exercising with a personal trainer who’ll guide you all the way through can be a great idea. They will help you keep your head in the game, and prevent you from giving up when the burn becomes too intense.

Final thoughts

Getting your body beach-ready can be challenging but, luckily, you can do a couple of things to speed up the process and improve your physique last minute. Make sure you have a well-balanced diet, and avoid sugary foods and sweet beverages. Cut down on sodium, drink plenty of water and work out regularly. If all that becomes too much, you can always turn to a non-surgical alternative and go for a fat freezing treatment to remove all those stubborn pockets of fat.

Best Free Photoshop Textures for Photographers

Free Photoshop textures may be utilized to boost your pictures. Textures add dimension and depth to a picture. They are sometimes employed to evoke feelings or to grow the effects of a specific picture. We have assembled this listing of the 7 finest free Photoshop textures for photographers which we have discovered, so you’ll find something to fit your requirements within here.

1. Texture Anarchy

Photoshop filters for producing borders and textures. The Texture Anarchy filters produce the 2D and 3D textures. The textures for photoshop are procedural according to fractal noise, which can be great for natural pictures like smoke, fire, clouds, as well as rust.

Light Room

The palettes for light, layers, and fractal sound and color gradients constitute building blocks for your textures. It’s color wells and gradients to create distinct color mixes, plus they have a collection of mix modes that establish the way the routines and colors socialize with one another.

2. Super PNG

SuperPNG is a useful open-source Photoshop plugin especially for using PNG files. Its broader support for the structure compared to Photoshop’s comprised plug and supplies hands over alpha-channel managing. It includes the Extra alternatives for conserving PNGs:

3. Font

Font was created by people that had been unimpressed by Photoshop’s native typeface choice. This plugin provides you access to over 800 complimentary Google fonts, and also will sync all of Google Fonts Library updates automatically.

It supplies you with a considerably expanded variety of fonts with no excess cash outlay or guide importing.

4. Layrs Control 2

Lars is designed to Assist You keep your workspace fine and Tidy, and boost your workflow in a couple of important locations, using a tap of a button. Its functions include things like deleting all of unused consequences on all selected layers, so deleting all empty layers, so sew all of effects on layers that are chosen, rasterize each coating, create every chosen layer a single clever object and discover folders and files with names that are similar.

Light Room

Used correctly, this plugin must conserve a great deal of effort and time, particularly in complicated documents using a high number of effects and layers.

5. Pixels

The Peel plugin Provides you access into Peel’ extensive Library of stock photographs from inside Photoshop, which ought to assist your workflow substantially. You are able to browse through the recommended types, favorite photographs or the latest pictures to acquire inspiration and to discover the ideal shot to your own project, from one of over 30,000 images over the Peel database.

6. FX Box

The FX Box Functions as a library and will be the fundamental necessity to Load and operate together with all the Orange Box’s newest Photoshop FX Tools. Once set up, all of the tools may be load to the library and then eliminated again easily without needing to restart Photoshop.

You are able to load as many effects and tools from Your Orange Box because you need and just switch between these with this plugin.

7. Free Mockups

Easy Mockups is designed to Assist You automate your iOS Layout demonstration. You May Choose from predesigned mockups, pick your Artwork and background layers and it’ll automate your layouts from that point. Easy Mockups arrive with 10 unique high heeled mockups to select from, so there is a number of designs available. The photographs You Want on the Peel site will be synced using all the Photoshop plug and also vice versa. You may like pictures to Recall them later.

4 Tips for Matching your Jewelry with your Outfit

Jewelry works uniquely to enhance your looks, and every time you down yourself with some jewelry, you are easily noticed because you stand out of the crowd. However, the jewelry you wear just like any other accessory needs to match with your outfit to avoid some weird moments or a funny look. In some instances, people put on excess jewelry with the idea in mind being to impress but they end up looking funny. There is a way to match up your look with your regalia to make sure you look sharp and smart. Here are four tips you will find valuable in matching up your look.

1. Mix Warm Jewelry with Cool Colors

Warm jewelry such as rubies and diamond and amber gems go well with black and white clothing to bring out a statement of beauty. Warm handmade turquoise jewelry like gemstones also pair well with blue and purple material to make a look that seems royal.

2. Mix Cool Jewelry with Warm Colors

There is a science behind the matching up of cool jewelry and warm colors. These stylistic jewelry is inspirational and it depicts the look of motivation and hope. Cool jewelry matches up perfectly with everything favorite including blue clothing and purple clothing. Cool jewelry has the advantage of versatility as it can match with most of your dress. It is the best option.

3. White Pearls and Sea-Colored Clothes

Nothing can go wrong with this outfit with jewelry curved from quarry pearls from a rock. Even though there are some people who have come up with an idea to dive into oyster farming that brings a look that simulates pearls, the authentic look cannot be paralleled.

When wearing jewelry that depicts the look of pearls, it is advisable to wear clothing that is either blue, or shades of blue. Alternatively, you can wear clothes that are somewhat bright like white to depict the color of the beach. The aqua and deep blue color work well with gems.

4. Gold, White and Black

It is a classy look when you mix the gold, black and white attire because these colors together make a strong statement. The trick for this is to go for the classic attire options such as a black suit, white shirt, white pocket square, and a gold watch or golden necklace. For the ladies, that little cocktail dress will match perfectly with gold jewelry or onyx gemstones. The other secret is to keep it simple to avoid making the look forced or exaggerated.



The beauty of jewelry is brought out by how you present it on your body and there are times when you wear classy jewelry but end up bad looking. The tips I have highlighted above will prove to be of considerable help in shaping up your appearance and making it wort to wear some pieces of jewelry. However, to mash up your look with your jewelry option, you need to do some more research on the internet on the other options you may have to make the process easier for you and increase the diversity.

Why Second-Hand Fashion Is First Class Shopping

Could you be an avid fashionista with upmarket labels taste but an income that cannot satisfy your list of wishes? Stop drooling at the boutique and shift your attention to second-hand luxury fashion.

Vintage boutiques, consignment shops, and innovative startups have played a key role in making second-hand fashion popular. What people might refer to as bargain-hunting is genuinely a tremendous current way to satisfy your desire or rather designer needs.

The reason you must love it

Instead of viewing it as bargain hunting, take an about turn and start seeing it as treasure hunting and surely you will reap the benefits.

Second hand

For the beginners, you need to pay a little cash to achieve the unexpected gem none will emerge as being wiser. Some people buy things that they will never wear; they keep them for so long until they realize they need them no more.

You can, therefore, come across shoes, clothing, pre owned jackets and other accessories with tags still on since they have never been used even for one day. And because you are prolonging the life of an item that already exists instead of purchasing new material, you shop in an eco-friendly manner even without trying.

What about the chemicals in new clothes?

Are you the kind of person who cannot stand the manufacturing chemicals applied to new clothes? Don’t mind. With second-hand items, this will never affect you. This is because the item could have been washed several times hence removing all the unwanted chemicals that were applied during the manufacturing.

There is also no worry as to whether the cloth might stretch or shrink because any fabric changes would have already occurred therefore the way it fits you as you purchase it will be the same after you have washed it.

Another thing to note is that reputable consignment shops always inspect all the items before they accept them for resale. So you should never get worried about broken zippers, missing buttons, stains, and small tears.

Great tips when buying second-hand items

Before you purchase any second-hand item, it is always wise to do the following.Always try out the clothing before it is packed for you. This is to avoid a situation whereby you reach home and realize that the garment is either too small or very big since you cannot return it.Regardless of how cheap the item is, if you do not like it, just leave it instead of buying only to realize you can never use it.


Since after adopting the second-hand style you might find yourself making a lot of purchase, it is always a good habit to donate one item for every similar item you buy to avoid cluttering your closet.It is a requirement from consignment shops for clothing to be made clean beforehand but it a good habit to clean your clothes once again to avoid uncertainty.

The takeaway

Second-hand fashion is indeed a first-class fashion. There is no much to consider, the prices are always, and you do not have to keep on planning when making a purchase. They are the best deal whatsoever.

Advantages Of Using Movavi Photo Editor

Are you looking for good software for editing your photos? There are so many options that you can go for than you would probably imagine. They range from ones that are free to those that are extremely expensive.

The movavi free photo editor is one of the software that has gained popularity in the recent past. In this article, I will highlight some of the solid reasons why the program has attracted the attention of many people.

Many useful features

To use software for editing photos, you need to access as many valuable features as you can. The higher the number of features your program has, the more the probability of getting one that you will continuously use.


Movavi photo editor has almost all the features that you would wish to use. They range from the ability to remove objects from your image easily to reducing the size of the photo for web use.

Another excellent and exciting factor about this software is that all the features included are simple and easy to use. The ease of functionality is very useful, especially to photography beginners.

Improves picture quality

At times various imperfections occur in photographs hence reducing their quality. Some people also request for modification of their photos using editing software. Some of these software’s are very expensive which but Movavi photo editor it is actually free.

Movavi photo editor can help you add makeup to your photos and even remove any facial imperfection. These features are very important, especially in business.

An average user can operate this software

The software’s interface is very intuitive. You can quickly figure out the features you might need and also locate where they are. It is also straightforward to operate this feature since most of them function in very few clicks.


To modify your photographs to appear exactly the way you would wish to see them look, you must use high-quality pictures. Be very comfortable while using the software since it does not require any advanced technical skills to operate.

You will realize that even with no prior experience for photo editing, you will be able to carry out various modifications in a short time.

Difficult modifications are quickened

All business users target photos with a specific quality. Just a small fault can spoil the whole campaign. To ensure that everything is ok, you need tools to help you easily and quickly do very tough modifications.

For example, Movavi photo editor can remove or change your pictures background. You can also delete your image from one photo and transfer it to another without much struggle. All these functions are automatically done by a special inbuilt tool that quickly process your photos.

The takeaway

Movavi photo editor is, by all means, the best software for editing photos to use in your business or even for other personal reasons. People who have tried this software can testify that it has significant importance especially in business. If you are a business manager, it’s high time you consider this software in your company.

4 Inspiring Photographers to Watch

As a photographer who is serious about photography, you need to take some time and get new ideas by looking at what other inspiring people have done. Of course, that should not be confused by imitation but rather a tool for sourcing out different approaches. In order to become a better photographer, you need to see what others are doing and practice your skills by emulating famous works and arts. By doing so, you are able to create something new and different. Here is a list of the top 4 inspiring photographers whose work you can emulate.

1. Annie Leibovitz

Top on our list is this famous photographer who began her career by shooting for the Rolling Stone magazine. She worked with the magazine for ten years before discovering another purpose for her life.


Anne specializes mostly in shooting Publications but works primarily for Vanity Fair. Pick any current issue in the Vanity Fair magazine, and it is most likely that she was the one who took the images. She has photographed many celebrities, and she uses a unique lighting style that distinguishes her from other photographers. Her lighting set up is such that it is able to deliver a muted painted image.

2. Peter Lik

Although he may not offer a lot of informative content to the photo community, Peter Lik is arguably one of the best photographers in the world. When it comes to shooting and marketing landscapes prints, he is top of the game.

He combines surreal subject matter and expertise behind the camera to create a fantastic picture that catches the attention of any eye. He specializes mostly in taking wall and office photography around the world.

3. Max Coquard

One of the best travel photographers is Max Coquard. He started photography in Paris, and he has been touring the world taking the best of photos there could be. In the beginning, he started with doing studio photography and was very conversant with using the artificial lights.

Max Coquard

But nowadays he does mostly nature and wildlife shoots. You can find most of his work online on the travel blogs and social media post. He is helpful in assisting other people to know the best destinations for photographers. For people who love taking photos of animals, especially mammals, you can really learn from him.

4. Vivian Maier

Vivian is known as one of the most interesting photographers. She was famous, and even in her death, she remains famous. Vivian became popular in 2007 when the legendary John Maloof purchased a trunk of negatives and a film which was undeveloped from an auction. The trunk contained a thousand of images shot by Vivian Maier. She spent most of her life as a nanny and mainly used lens 6×6 camera.


Most of her photos were taken in Chicago and New York. She was interesting in that she did not specialize in any aspect but instead photographed everything that interested her. Albeit people say she was weird, her pictures did not depict that side of her.

The above are some of the best photographers in the world. There are many of course but if you are looking for some inspiration, you can get it from the listed ones. Remember when you want to emulate a photographer, you must first look at the genre of photographers he or she specializes in, the type of lens they use and some of the shots they took.

Best Italian Jewelry Brands

The world is evolving, and since the time man developed to straight up species, there has been a lot of things that have taken place. Jewels are made from the stones and others from crude metals that are collected and makes the jewel. Ornaments make us look superb; it gives an extra look to the person wearing it.

Jewelry has gained popularity recently, and it is becoming an essential aspect for decorations of the body. In the global market, you will find that there is a lot of jewels that are being sold and every individual will choose according to the preference of his choice.

Italy is a country of its own, and it has a lot of good jewelry in the market, and they are of many different varieties that you can choose from. The following article will take us through some of the best Italian Jewelry brands.

1. Di Modolo

This kind of brand is very much prevalent in the market, and they come designed for both female and male gender thus you can only choose according to your gender. The Di Modolo italian mens jewelry is decorated in such a manner that their color and beauty will automatically attract the attention of anyone that is willing to purchase them.


This kind of brand has been in the market for a very long time, and thus you will find that it gives Italy its vibrancy, it is crafted in such a manner that it shows the continuity of the Italian culture.

2. Buccellati

This is also one of the brands that have been in the market for quite some good time, and it is considered to be one of the oldest houses in Italy. It has its history, and thus it creates show-stopping jewelry. Because they are made to stand out, you will find that this kind got inspired from the luxurious textures of Venetian lace and the satin.

They are designed in that they have a dotted brilliant cut diamonds and it is also set with yellow gold. They are typically used during the major celebrations and events and thus summing up the whole Italian jewelry collections.

3. Bulgari

The heritage of this kind of brands transcends time, and it has been in the market for as long as 130 years, and it is considered to be famous for the jewelry brands in the Italian soil.


It is easily distinguishable from the other brands since they are known for their zero1 rings, stopping necklaces, and a snake inspired serpenti collections that are brightly decorated diamond and gemstones.

4. Pomellato

This kind of brand has been into existence since the early years of 1960; the jewelry is very much recognized due to the mantra nature they are also colored kind of gemstones.

They accessory is on a long debate to be changed and be worn as often clothes.


When it comes to the designs of jewelry, then Italy is renowned in the same for it has a lot of skilled craftsmen who are well committed to their work. So it is not something of a surprise to mention that some of the best-known jewelry comes from there. Jewelry makes up for your beauty, and they make you look super and thus you will find that most of the people like to purchase them so that they can make them look different from the rest of the people in a particular way.

How to Choose a Sports Watch

When buying a sports watch, there are a lot of factors to consider. Depending on the nature of the sport you engage in, Different sporting activities may call for different timepieces whether you are a jogger, a deep sea diver, a mountain climber or just an ordinary runner. A quality watch saves you money and time. When you have a good watch a half a second can mean great transformation in your life.

Hence, in this article, I provide tips on how to choose a sports watch. Whether you are a sportsman or just a looking for a quality watch, you will get the necessary tools to help you decide on the perfect model.

1. Basic Features

Before you embark on the hunt for timepieces, you should first be sure what features you want the watch to have. Maybe, you want the watch to be waterproof, which is crucial owing to the different sporting activities.


Also, a timepiece that features different time zones, and that that displays the date alongside the date can be a perfect choice. For training purposes, you may need a watch that has a stopwatch to time your activities. By this, you will be able to adjust according to from the set time.

2. The Type of Sport

As stated above, varying sports may need a different type of timepiece. You should look for specialty timepieces shops to get the perfect watch. Since, if you are a diver, the choice of the timepiece needs to be pressure and temperature proof.

3. The Design

With the advent of technology, different designs for timepieces are available to satisfy your savvy for fashion and style. However, you should settle for a design that suits your sporting activity. Also, the make of the watch may be feminine or masculine. Hence, when deciding on what to purchase, consider your gender.

4. Material

Also, the material used to make the watch is a big determinant on how long the watch will last. Thus, as an athlete, it is advisable that you consider straps and watch cases that feature a partial polymer or rubber make.


These materials have undergone the test of time, and they have proven to be water resistant. Also, the material is tough, elastic yet lightweight to allow for your activities. A shock resistant timepiece can also suffice. The material should also be anti-corrosive, resilient, comfortable as well as elements proof.

5. The Fit

As a sportsperson, you do not want to buy a big watch that does not fit on your wrist. Hence the watch you wear should be classy yet comfortable when carrying out the sports activity. You can take size to be a priority.

6. Policies

Sometimes, you may learn that you choose a defective timepiece all when you get absorbed in features and other aspects of the watch. When this is the case, you need to know the return policies or the warranty period. By this, you will be able to return the timepiece if you find it defective.

The above tips are helpful when buying a sports watch. However, remember that a watch that suits your activity is the best fit. Also, quality is essential as you want the timepiece to serve you for long.

Festival Fashion

Festivals are great events for listening to great music and stuffing your fast with tasty calorie filled snacks (you’ll have such a good time that you won’t be counting). There’s no need to bring out your fanciest ball gown, as festivals generally are a laid back type of environment. Festivals are the perfect time to go full on carefree boho chic or sporty casual.

To achieve the boho chic and carefree look, flowy silhouettes and light fabrics are perfect. Feel free to explore and play with mix-matching patterns to get that “effortless” feel. A cute pair of sandals will really take the overall look exactly where it needs to go. With this type of outfit, you can let your hair be free and wild! Vanessa Hudgens’ Coachella appearance over the past few years are the perfect inspiration for the “I’m cute and carefree” attitude that you want your outfit to give off. If you want boho festival looks without breaking the bank, Forever 21 is perfect. Forever 21 really knows how to keep the perfect festival clothing on their shelves.

Festival FashionIf you’re not a fan of the cutesy girl looks, casual clothes may be the way to go for you. Finally an excuse to wear baggy tees and jeans. Since a lot of festivals take place during warmer months, you can skip the jeans and get a pair of shorts. Or if you’re crafty, take an old pair of jeans and make a custom pair of shorts for yourself. Tilly’s is perfect for finding clothes that fit this aesthetic. They have an endless supply of cool tee shirts and of course a casual staple: plaid. If you want a more feminine look while wearing a baggy top, consider cropping it. Kendall Jenner is the queen of casual festival clothing. Just take a look at Kendall’s Coachella fits over the years.

Coachella’s 2018 headliner, Beyoncé Knowles, didn’t just teach us how to put on a show, but she taught us that we can definitely be glam at festivals too. So, if you’re a girly girl who wants to wear sequins, pearls and platforms, you can! Pretty Little Thing has the cutest clothing for those of us who want a glam look.

For the men reading this, or for people with boyfriend’s that get dressed in the dark, we have some tips for you as well. The most budget friendly Coachella outfit for males is the classic Hawaiian shirt and jeans or shorts. Luckily for your wallet you can thrift this entire outfit and save tons of money (you can also find Hawaiian shirts in the dad’s clothing section of Walmart). If you’re only going to wear a plain t-shirt consider sprucing it up with a bandana or a hat! If you want to go for the cool, casual look, Tilly’s is perfect with their big selection of graphic tees and comfortable jeans.

Festivals are the perfect place to show off your inner fashionista that you don’t typically get to show or to switch it up completely.