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How to Choose a Sports Watch

When buying a sports watch, there are a lot of factors to consider. Depending on the nature of the sport you engage in, Different sporting activities may call for different timepieces whether you are a jogger, a deep sea diver, a mountain climber or just an ordinary runner. A quality watch saves you money and time. When you have a good watch a half a second can mean great transformation in your life.

Hence, in this article, I provide tips on how to choose a sports watch. Whether you are a sportsman or just a looking for a quality watch, you will get the necessary tools to help you decide on the perfect model.

1. Basic Features

Before you embark on the hunt for timepieces, you should first be sure what features you want the watch to have. Maybe, you want the watch to be waterproof, which is crucial owing to the different sporting activities.


Also, a timepiece that features different time zones, and that that displays the date alongside the date can be a perfect choice. For training purposes, you may need a watch that has a stopwatch to time your activities. By this, you will be able to adjust according to from the set time.

2. The Type of Sport

As stated above, varying sports may need a different type of timepiece. You should look for specialty timepieces shops to get the perfect watch. Since, if you are a diver, the choice of the timepiece needs to be pressure and temperature proof.

3. The Design

With the advent of technology, different designs for timepieces are available to satisfy your savvy for fashion and style. However, you should settle for a design that suits your sporting activity. Also, the make of the watch may be feminine or masculine. Hence, when deciding on what to purchase, consider your gender.

4. Material

Also, the material used to make the watch is a big determinant on how long the watch will last. Thus, as an athlete, it is advisable that you consider straps and watch cases that feature a partial polymer or rubber make.


These materials have undergone the test of time, and they have proven to be water resistant. Also, the material is tough, elastic yet lightweight to allow for your activities. A shock resistant timepiece can also suffice. The material should also be anti-corrosive, resilient, comfortable as well as elements proof.

5. The Fit

As a sportsperson, you do not want to buy a big watch that does not fit on your wrist. Hence the watch you wear should be classy yet comfortable when carrying out the sports activity. You can take size to be a priority.

6. Policies

Sometimes, you may learn that you choose a defective timepiece all when you get absorbed in features and other aspects of the watch. When this is the case, you need to know the return policies or the warranty period. By this, you will be able to return the timepiece if you find it defective.

The above tips are helpful when buying a sports watch. However, remember that a watch that suits your activity is the best fit. Also, quality is essential as you want the timepiece to serve you for long.

Festival Fashion

Festivals are great events for listening to great music and stuffing your fast with tasty calorie filled snacks (you’ll have such a good time that you won’t be counting). There’s no need to bring out your fanciest ball gown, as festivals generally are a laid back type of environment. Festivals are the perfect time to go full on carefree boho chic or sporty casual.

To achieve the boho chic and carefree look, flowy silhouettes and light fabrics are perfect. Feel free to explore and play with mix-matching patterns to get that “effortless” feel. A cute pair of sandals will really take the overall look exactly where it needs to go. With this type of outfit, you can let your hair be free and wild! Vanessa Hudgens’ Coachella appearance over the past few years are the perfect inspiration for the “I’m cute and carefree” attitude that you want your outfit to give off. If you want boho festival looks without breaking the bank, Forever 21 is perfect. Forever 21 really knows how to keep the perfect festival clothing on their shelves.

Festival FashionIf you’re not a fan of the cutesy girl looks, casual clothes may be the way to go for you. Finally an excuse to wear baggy tees and jeans. Since a lot of festivals take place during warmer months, you can skip the jeans and get a pair of shorts. Or if you’re crafty, take an old pair of jeans and make a custom pair of shorts for yourself. Tilly’s is perfect for finding clothes that fit this aesthetic. They have an endless supply of cool tee shirts and of course a casual staple: plaid. If you want a more feminine look while wearing a baggy top, consider cropping it. Kendall Jenner is the queen of casual festival clothing. Just take a look at Kendall’s Coachella fits over the years.

Coachella’s 2018 headliner, Beyoncé Knowles, didn’t just teach us how to put on a show, but she taught us that we can definitely be glam at festivals too. So, if you’re a girly girl who wants to wear sequins, pearls and platforms, you can! Pretty Little Thing has the cutest clothing for those of us who want a glam look.

For the men reading this, or for people with boyfriend’s that get dressed in the dark, we have some tips for you as well. The most budget friendly Coachella outfit for males is the classic Hawaiian shirt and jeans or shorts. Luckily for your wallet you can thrift this entire outfit and save tons of money (you can also find Hawaiian shirts in the dad’s clothing section of Walmart). If you’re only going to wear a plain t-shirt consider sprucing it up with a bandana or a hat! If you want to go for the cool, casual look, Tilly’s is perfect with their big selection of graphic tees and comfortable jeans.

Festivals are the perfect place to show off your inner fashionista that you don’t typically get to show or to switch it up completely.

Top Styles For Autumn

During the summer your fashion sense can take a hit due to sweating and just sitting at home to escape the summer heat. Autumn is the perfect time to let your inner fashionista shine and of course, the best part of all: layers!

Stylish outerwear is a must for autumn due to temperatures dropping. A camel coat is the perfect addition to everyone’s wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down and it matches virtually everything. Cardigans will always be a fall favorite because it essential for layering. You can take a simple long sleeved shirt and make it look ten times better by putting a cardigan over it. For days where you don’t feel like putting a lot of thought and effort in to an outfit, oversized hoodies will be your best friend. Under the huge hoodie you can throw on a pair of leggings or yoga pants and you’ll still look fabulous.

StylishJeans are an important part of a lot of autumn ensembles. This is the perfect time to make sure that all of your jeans fit, and if not donate them to someone who is in need. Jean shopping is super fun because every year more styles and designs are released. You can even have a weekend filled with DIY projects by beddazling and patching jeans that you already have (as a bonus you can invite friends over to do this with you).

Boots aren’t just made for walking, they’re for completing your outfit. While it is still exactly winter and the weather is forgiving enough for some skin to show, you have a lot of options for boots.

Ankle boots are the perfect fashionable footwear. You can go with the basic black booties that can be matched with almost anything. Or you can go for a sophisticated pair that need a little more thought for matching. Knee high boots are always in style, and luckily for us they keep the legs warm.

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your outfit, you’re looking to make a statement. Here are a few pieces that can do that for you no matter your personal style:

Scarves are meant for protecting our bodies from chilling temperature but who says they cant be fashionable as well? The best way to style your outfit with a scarf is to add a printed scarf or an oversized scarf. The oversized scarf is the perfect statement piece for an outfit, but of course it keeps you warm as well. If you’re going to use a printed scarf, be daring a go with a print that contrasts with everything else. That will definitely make a statement.

Accessories are like the dessert of an outfit, you don’t always need them but when you do, you’ve got to do it right. Bold earrings are the perfect way to have a statement piece when you are bundled from head to toe during chilly weather. You’re earrings can be large, statement pieces or simply colorful stud earrings. Once you’re unbundled, even a simple necklace can take an outfit to the next level.