City of Green River

Flaming Gorge Days is held each year throughout several locations in the City of Green River.  Green River, Wyoming is located in the south west corner of the state. Nestled in between gorgeous rock formations with the Green River running through the heart of the town, it is an oasis in the "High Desert Country."

The River has been the drawing point for early settlers and has served as a transportation hub for the Overland Trail, Cherokee Trail, Lincoln Highway, Union Pacific Transcontinental Railroad and now Interstate 80.  Today, Green River's population is approximately 13,000.  The railroad is still a major presence.  Mining, particularly of trona, is the major industry in the area.  Even with the Interstate, the railroad, and other trappings of modern society, the City continues to sit at the crossroads of the west--a timeless, peaceful place.

For more information, please visit the websites of the City of Green River or the Green River Chamber of Commerce.