How To Choose The Best Earrings For Your Face Type

Earrings are a great way to incorporate life into your wardrobe. However, there are many types in the market such that you may not have a rough idea of the right one to purchase. With that said, you may have learned that choosing the right glasses for the shape of your face in addition to selecting the right haircut are important in striking a perfect look. Here’s how else you can pull that unique look by choosing the right earrings to suit the shape of your face.

Choosing the right earrings for a round face

Besides finding that right haircut for your face, you need to pick the right earrings for your face since it influences the perfect shape for you. The main case in point is if you have a round face.


Such faces are perfectly suited for drop earrings. This is because they often elongate to offset the round nature of the face. Stay away from loops.

Choosing the right earrings for a heart-shaped face

People with a heart-faced shape have a wider forehead compared to their jawline. They also have a pointed chin. The jawline tapers down to the chin. The right earrings for these individuals are rounded at the base. This plays a role in reducing the angles found around the chin.

It also makes it slightly rounded. A chandelier, as well as teardrop earring, also goes well with the shape of the face. You should avoid wearing slim drop loops. To get more information, you can check over here.

Choosing the right earrings for a diamond face

People with a diamond shape of the face have a wider cheekbone compared to their forehead. The cheekbone is also wider than the chin. The right earrings should be studded. You can also wear ones that stop above the chin to add more beauty.

Choosing the right earrings for an oval face


People with oval face types have their face looking like an egg. Your forehead isn’t too broad and your face narrows down to a rounded chin. The best earrings for people with oval shape types are pearls, oval earrings, and teardrops. Also, rounded earrings and studs can be great choices. However, these are not the only types suitable for oval faces. Since these faces are considered as perfect, they can go with many earring types.

Choosing the right earrings for a square face

The faces are characterized by cheeks, jawline, and forehead of similar widths. For people with these types of faces, rounded earrings, hoop earrings, and drop earrings are excellent. However, avoid square earrings.There you have it, the tips above should guide you in picking the right earrings depending on your face type.