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Popular Jewelry Trends for Spring 2019

For fashion lovers, this is the time of the year when you are looking for the 2019 spring fashion. Fashion stands for everything from clothing, accessories, etc. Jewelry is, however, a key thing in sending a message for every outfit you want to rock on.

Jewelry is a general term that stands for things such as earrings, brooch, tairas, tie clips, belly chain, circle,nose-jewel, temple ring, etc. They help complement the clothes you wear to give you that look you desired. Just like any other fashion industry, the jewelry industry keeps changing. This means that in 2019 spring jewelry trend, there are new trends that have come in.

Below are some of the jewelry trends for Spring 2019.


Chains are jewelry that has been around for quite a long time. Some chains were actually dated so many years ago. In spring 2019, the chains are going to make a mega comeback. They will come in many colors and sizes not forgetting modern designs.


A genuine example of a chain necklace you can use to rock this Spring is the chain-link choker necklace that is thick. You can wear a chain necklace with a white shirt or a black dress, and you will kill the show.

2.The extraordinary enamel.

In Spring 2019, we have another jewelry trend that is expected to stick around. The extraordinary enamel where there early this year and expected to continue rocking this spring. The extraordinary enamel jewelry trend was actually very dominant in the Spring-Summer 2019 runway collections. The uniqueness of enamels is what will hold them into the Spring in 2019.

3.Cremation jewelry.

Do you have a loved one or pet you wish to remember from this Spring onwards? You can use their ashes to make a diamond for them. It will be a memorial diamond that others may fail to notice but remain special to you as it reminds you of a loved one who is no more.

The cremation jewelry is actually something you may decide to pass from your generation henceforth. Make Spring 2019 count with this commemorative jewelry.

4.XXL Earnings.

In recent years, many people have developed some love for oversized jewelry. In spring 2019, be ready to rock in your oversized jewelry as they are expected to take a new fashion dimension. There will be very many types and styles of the XXL


Earnings which will share the common characteristic of their big size. You can choose the type of metal for your earnings; gold, silver, and platinum are some of the materials you should consider for your earnings.

5.Lucky charms.

Remember in our childhood when we had strong beliefs about wearing the lucky charms? This Spring, be ready to compliment your outfit with a lucky charm. The charms are expected to be back this spring. Remind yourself of the past but this time around with a variety of lucky charms to choose from.

Do not let Spring 2019 be meaningless to your fashion-wise,choose one or two among the above jewelry trends and be sure, your friends will envy you.