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How Do You Take Care Of Jewellery

Jewelry is vital in our lives. When you wear that gold, silver, or diamond piece, it makes you look beautiful and brings out the best in you. That’s why you shouldn’t lack a few pieces in your closet. If you already have several ones, you may be looking for tips to make them last for as long as possible.

Jewelry, especially gold jewelry, doesn’t come cheap – knowing how to care for it will ensure that it doesn’t get scratched or tarnished. Here are tips on how to care for your jewelry.

When to Wear

As we mentioned earlier, jewelry pieces are beautiful to look at. However, you need to know when to wear them to prevent damage. For instance, you should put them on only after applying makeup. The reason behind this is that perfumes, lotions, hairsprays, and cosmetics contain chemicals that can cause damage.


Also, chlorinated water can react with the metal in your jewelry and bring color changes. That’s why experts that you should remove jewelry before entering a spa or swimming pool. You should also remove jewelry pieces when doing tasks like gardening and cleaning. Please see here for more info.

How to Clean

When cleaning your jewelry, you should be very cautious. For safety and the best results, you should use a polishing cloth. If you don’t have a polishing cloth, you can go for svelte.

Tissue and paper towels are a no-go because they can cause scratches. For the cleaning product, only use a commercial cleaner from a reputable jeweler. You should avoid hot water and bleach at all costs. And if you notice that a piece id damaged or broken, don’t clean it as it may worsen the condition. You should take it for repair first.

Storing Your Jewelry


How you store your jewelry is crucial. Depending on how you do it, you can damage it. You should store your pieces in a box or case and separate pieces of different types. Harder jewelry may cause scratches on the softer ones, and you may not want that to happen. Also, ensure the storage area is as dry as possible.

These are some of the best tips to take care of your jewelry. Others you may want to keep in mind are avoiding too much heat and not sleeping in jewelry. By observing these, your pieces will last longer.