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4 Inspiring Photographers to Watch

As a photographer who is serious about photography, you need to take some time and get new ideas by looking at what other inspiring people have done. Of course, that should not be confused by imitation but rather a tool for sourcing out different approaches. In order to become a better photographer, you need to see what others are doing and practice your skills by emulating famous works and arts. By doing so, you are able to create something new and different. Here is a list of the top 4 inspiring photographers whose work you can emulate.

1. Annie Leibovitz

Top on our list is this famous photographer who began her career by shooting for the Rolling Stone magazine. She worked with the magazine for ten years before discovering another purpose for her life.


Anne specializes mostly in shooting Publications but works primarily for Vanity Fair. Pick any current issue in the Vanity Fair magazine, and it is most likely that she was the one who took the images. She has photographed many celebrities, and she uses a unique lighting style that distinguishes her from other photographers. Her lighting set up is such that it is able to deliver a muted painted image.

2. Peter Lik

Although he may not offer a lot of informative content to the photo community, Peter Lik is arguably one of the best photographers in the world. When it comes to shooting and marketing landscapes prints, he is top of the game.

He combines surreal subject matter and expertise behind the camera to create a fantastic picture that catches the attention of any eye. He specializes mostly in taking wall and office photography around the world.

3. Max Coquard

One of the best travel photographers is Max Coquard. He started photography in Paris, and he has been touring the world taking the best of photos there could be. In the beginning, he started with doing studio photography and was very conversant with using the artificial lights.

Max Coquard

But nowadays he does mostly nature and wildlife shoots. You can find most of his work online on the travel blogs and social media post. He is helpful in assisting other people to know the best destinations for photographers. For people who love taking photos of animals, especially mammals, you can really learn from him.

4. Vivian Maier

Vivian is known as one of the most interesting photographers. She was famous, and even in her death, she remains famous. Vivian became popular in 2007 when the legendary John Maloof purchased a trunk of negatives and a film which was undeveloped from an auction. The trunk contained a thousand of images shot by Vivian Maier. She spent most of her life as a nanny and mainly used lens 6×6 camera.


Most of her photos were taken in Chicago and New York. She was interesting in that she did not specialize in any aspect but instead photographed everything that interested her. Albeit people say she was weird, her pictures did not depict that side of her.

The above are some of the best photographers in the world. There are many of course but if you are looking for some inspiration, you can get it from the listed ones. Remember when you want to emulate a photographer, you must first look at the genre of photographers he or she specializes in, the type of lens they use and some of the shots they took.